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Back in 2020 when COVID started, it made it so hard to travel and visit other places. And this feeling of isolation inspired us to use musical means to fix it. Belle Morte came up with the idea of doing a series of singles in collaboration with musicians from different counties, featuring at least one ethnic instrument. This way we can let our minds travel in time and space, though our bodies remain were they are, locked in 4 walls.

Fallen idol single

Belle Morte - Fallen Idol single artwork

The first trip takes us to snow covered Finland. Meet Tero Kalliomäki, who recorded jouhikko (Finnish name for tagelharpa) parts for Belle Morte’s single titled”Fallen Idol”. See single lyrics.

Tero Kalliomäki, Riihimäki, Finland 🇫🇮

Tero Kalliomäki is a Finnish musician whose instruments include guitar and jouhikko (bowed lyre). Tero is known as the original guitarist of the Yearning band, where he was active between 1994 and 1999, as well  as the lead guitarist and songwriter of Saattue. Besides he made music with Ines Lukkanen in Embassy Of Silence and Uinuos and also performed as a duo with Ines.

Currently Tero plays jouhikko in his own music project Kallomäki and released several albums. Tero also has its own KillHill studio located in Riihimäki, where some of the releases were recorded.

Tero Kalliomäki, guest musical for Belle Morte Fallen Idol single

Krew single

Belle Morte - Krew single artwork

The idea of ‘Krew” appeared in February. When the war began, we were completely devastated and heartbroken. As a Belarusian band, we have strong connections with Ukraine: we have relatives and friends living there, and in general it was always perceived as somewhat native land for us. Moreover, Belarusian territory was used by the Russian army, horrific betrayal and burden of shame.

We decided to compose this song to reflect our complex feelings and search for some deliverance in art. From the very beginning, we had an intention to show the proximity of 3 languages and 3 cultures, so we’ve also involved Polish and Ukrainian singers Ada Rusinkiewicz (Hethet) and Alex Pilkevych to reflect their own perspective and Yaroslav Dzhus to record bandura, traditional Ukrainian folk instrument. See single lyrics.

Yaroslav Dzhus, Kyiv, Ukraine  🇺🇦

Yaroslav Dzhus is modern bandurist, composer, arranger, participant of the “Голос країни” TV show, winner of People’s Choice Award at the  “Україна має талант” TV show, artistic director of the group “Шпилясті кобзарі”, founder of the Bandura Style project.

Yaroslav Dzhus, guest musical for Belle Morte Krew single

Alex Pilkevych, Wrocław, Poland 🇵🇱

Alex Pilkevych has been writing music since the age of nine. Over the years he released four EPs: Explanatory Gap (2014), Within The Brain Drainery (2015), Jar of Joy (2018) and That Way Lies Madness (2021).

On “That Way Lies Madness” Alex had a chance to work with such amazing musicians as Katie Thompson (Chiasma), Adam Janzi (VOLA), Max Morton as well as Anastasiia Zazuliak responsible for photography & videography.

His music is influenced by bands like Leprous, Karnivool, Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Tool, Gojira, The Contortionist and many more.

Alex Pilkevych, guest musical for Belle Morte Krew single

Ada Rusinkiewicz, Łódź, Poland 🇵🇱

Ada Rusinkiewicz is a vocalist and a vocal coach. She specializes in extreme vocal techniques: distortion and false cord screaming. When she grows up, she wants to be like Melissa Cross.

Ada is a singer-songwriter in progressive-depressive band HETHET. They play a soundtrack to the worst events in your life – so feel free to dance in tears. The band is now recording first LP album.

Ada Rusinkiewicz, guest musical for Belle Morte Krew single