‘Crime of Passion’ album – out now!

It’s here! We are thrilled and extremely proud to share our first full-length album ‘Crime of Passion‘ with the world. It’s been a long way for us and we’ve put our hearts and souls into these tracks. We really hope you will love this album and can’t wait to finally perform these songs live!

‘Crime of Passion’ Track list

  1. Overture 1:39
  2. Who are you 3:49
  3. If only you knew 4:36
  4. To get her 5:11
  5. Beauty and the beast 3:43
  6. My little demon 5:42
  7. Broken things 4:11
  8. Beauty meant to kill 4:26
  9. Lace 5:16
  10. My legacy 3:08
  11. Bonus: To get her (acoustic) 4:19

Getting into the meat of the record, the haunting nature of the songwriting excels with the added the piano and every instrument Belle Morte have in their arsenal to deliver a powerhouse of a symphony. This record just gets more magnificent with every track that your ears devour.

JackLidd95, almostanythingmedia

Dark, depressing and in the vein of Gothic music with plenty of Symphonic elements, “Crime of Passion” is a good album.

Dave “That Metal Guy” Campbell, metal-temple.com

This release is a great blend of symphonic metal and the multitude of facets that goth embodies.

Lucas Di Mascio, metalepidemic.com

Crime of Passion is one of those albums that will drag you to darkness, take you to another world and captivate all your senses once and for all, just the way we like it in Gothic music, and let’s hope Belle Morte and her amazing crew can keep embellishing the airwaves with more releases like their excellent new album for all eternity.

 Gustavo Scuderi, theheadbangingmoose.com