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Belle Morte is a musical project from Belarus, Minsk, playing dark symphonic metal with a gothic/progressive flavor and melancholic vibe. Debut band’s EP “Game On” was released in 2018.

In 2021 the band signed a deal with Italian label Wormholedeath to release their full-length conceptual album “Crime of Passion” inspired by John Fowles’s “The Collector”. Album tells a coherent story which started as an unhealthy obsession and stalking and resulted in murder, both from the side of the murderer and his victim.

Crime of Passion is one of those albums that will drag you to darkness, take you to another world and captivate all your senses once and for all, just the way we like it in Gothic music, and let’s hope Belle Morte and her amazing crew can keep embellishing the airwaves with more releases like their excellent new album for all eternity.

Gustavo Scuderi, The Headbanging Moose

Currently the band is working on a series of songs in collaboration with musicians from different parts of the world. Released singles include “Fallen Idol’ with Finnish tagelharpa parts by Tero Kalliomäki, “Krew” with Ukrainian bandura by Yaroslav Dzhus, “Exorcism” with Mongolian morin khuur and throat singing performed by Ulziisaihan Horoldamba, “Blame me‘ with Armenian duduk by Lernik Khachatrian, “Black waters” with Indonesian suling and gamelan by Maulana Malik Ibrahim and “September” with Middle Eastern saz and oud by Ruben Monteiro.

Its both exhilarating and impressive when bands experiment with different sounds and constantly reinvent themselves. Belle Morte proves to be a force of nature with all their creative endeavors.

Metal Lair

The band delves into a range of themes, including loss, grief, love, and obsession, all viewed through the lens of dark romanticism. Belle Morte invites their audience to peer beyond the surface and discover the beauty within the unexpected. Whether traversing the desolate landscapes of the Finnish tundra, the boundless steppes of Mongolia, or the arid deserts of the Middle East, Belle Morte guides listeners on an evocative journey through the shadows of the human experience.




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