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Belle Morte is a musical project from Belarus, Minsk, playing dark symphonic metal with gothic/progressive flavor and melancholic vibe. The first single “Mercy” was released on Dec 9, 2017, accompanied by a music video later on. Debut band’s EP “Game On” was released in 2018. 4 tracks listed on the EP have asymmetric songwriting structure and jarring dynamic jumps from balladry to metallic symphonic bluster.

…the keyboards, the sombre sounds of the cello and violin sandwiched neatly between the guitars and drumming. The instrumental arrangements are absolutely beautiful as are the vocals.

Iza Raittila, valkyrianmusic.com

Later on, Belle Morte collaborated with Norwegian melodic death metal band “Addendum” and released “Mistakable Monster” single together. The song is about trying to find back to the ones you have loved and lost. A tale about two sisters, locked in different worlds.

After EP the band focused on producing a full-length conceptual album inspired by John Fowles’s “The Collector”. During this period “My Legacy”, “To Get Her” and “Lace” singles were released. The second Belle Morte’s music video was shot for the “Lace” single.

It’s basically a highly unique and overt synthesis of a Danny Elfman score for a Tim Burton flick with a melodic, Gothic metal assault.

hells_unicorn, metal-archives.com

In 2021 band signed a deal with Italian label Wormholedeath to release their LP.

Album named Crime of Passiontells a coherent story which started as an unhealthy obsession and stalking and resulted in murder, both from the side of the murderer and his victim.

The idea behind Belle Morte is playing on contrasts – in music, lyrics and visual imaginary. It’s about seeing its own beauty in disturbing things, ugly things, and, vice versa, seeing the bad side in nice things which might not be that obvious at the first sight.

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