Music of the world singles, 2022

Belle Morte is embarking on a journey to bring music from around the world to your ears. With our ongoing series of international collaborations, we are exploring the vast and diverse landscapes of different cultures through music. From the grassy steppes of Mongolia to the snow-covered lands of Finland, we are using traditional instruments to create a unique sound that transcends borders. Each song is a celebration of the beauty and richness of different musical traditions, blended with our signature symphonic metal sound. The journey has only just begun and many more exciting tracks are yet to come, so be sure to keep an ear out for Belle Morte’s global musical adventures!

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Fallen Idol

Blame me



Crime of Passion, 2021

Our first full-length conceptual album. ‘Crime of Passion’ is inspired by John Fowles’s novel ‘The Collector’. It tells a coherent story which started as an unhealthy obsession and stalking and resulted in murder, both from the side of the murderer and his victim.

Compared to our first EP ‘Game on’, ‘Crime of Passion’ has a way darker sound and vibes. The story we tell here doesn’t have a happy ending, so you are witnessing how the situation unfolds, getting more and more intense and having a tragic finale.

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Singles and EPs

Lace, 2019
My Legacy , 2018
To Get Her (acoustic), 2019
Wintersleep , 2018
To Get Her, 2019
Game on EP, 2018


Mistakable Monster (with Addendum)
Не сломишь (with Стихийный проект)